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1.    This Privacy policy (hereinafter - Policy), the principles and procedures for the processing of personal data and conditions on operating the Website, managed by the Data Controller (Manager of the Website).

2.    This Policy is meant for the individuals who visits website and uses published information and services provided by the Data Controller.

3.    The data subject in this Policy is any natural person whose personal data is processed for the purpose of purchasing services provided on the Website.

4.    By using the Services, while continuing to browse the Website, the Visitor (the Site User) confirms that he / she has read the Policy, understands it, and agrees to comply with it.

5.    The Data Controller shall ensure that, when adopting and implementing this Policy, he pursues the following fundamental principles relating to the processing of personal data.

5.1.  Personal data shall be processed in a lawful, fair and transparent manner with respect to the data subject (principle of legality, fairness and transparency);

5.2.  Personal data is collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and is not further processed in a way incompatible with those purposes;

5.3.  Further processing of personal data for archiving purposes in the public interest, for scientific or historical research purposes or for statistical purposes is not considered to be incompatible with the original purposes (purpose limitation principle);

5.4.  Personal data is adequate, relevant and only necessary for the purposes for which it is processed (principle of data reduction);

5.5.  Efforts are made to make personal data accurate and, if necessary, updated within a reasonable time frame after the change;

5.6.  All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that personal data which is not accurate in relation to the purposes for which it is processed are promptly deleted or corrected within a reasonable time (precision principle);

5.7.  Personal data is kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than it’s necessary for the purposes for which the personal data is processed;

5.8.  Personal data may be stored for a longer period if personal data will be processed for archiving purposes, public interest purposes, scientific or historical research purposes or for statistical purposes, subject to appropriate technical and organizational measures necessary to protect the data subject's rights and freedoms (principle of limitation of retention);

5.9.  Personal data is processed in a manner that ensures adequate security of personal data, including protection against the processing of personal data without authorization or unlawful processing of personal data, and from accidental loss or destruction, taking into account the general nature of the personal data processed by the Controller, or damage (principle of integrity and confidentiality);

5.10.   The Controller is responsible for complying with the above principles and must be able to prove that they are being followed (principle of accountability).

6.    This Policy has been drawn up in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (hereinafter - GDPR) and Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - LPPD). The terms used in this Policy are understood as being defined in the GDPR and LPPD.

7.    We also use the services of Facebook, Google, Instagram or other online advertisers. You can read the privacy policies, data collection and personal data protection measures of these service providers in the privacy policies of these service providers.





8.    Depending on who you are (customer, supplier, website visitor, etc.) and how you communicate (online, by phone, etc.), different personal data may be processed.

9.    Below you will find the categories of Personal Data we may collect.

Purpose for processing the Data

Categories of personal data processed

Period for processing the Data

Legal basis for data processing

Purchase of services offered on the Website

Identification data: name, surname *


Contact details: e-mail address*


Information of services: date of purchase, service description, price *


Necessary data for the invoice: bank account number, service name, price

Personal data is stored during the validity period of the contract and for 10 years from the date of termination of the contract (in accordance with the General Index of Document Storage Terms approved by the Chief Archivist of the Republic of Lithuania on March 9, 2011 (Order No. V-100))

Processing of data is necessary for the conclusion and performance of the contract (Article 6 (1) (b) GDPR)

* Marked data is required if you wish to purchase the services offered on the website.





10.             Data Controller collects and manages personal data in accordance with EU and Republic of Lithuania legal acts regulating personal data protection. The Data Controller manages the personal data provided on the website on these grounds:

11.             On the basis of consent expressed by your active actions, i.e., contacting us and submitting personal data or other active actions.

12.             Implement our legitimate interests (e.g., by offering you to purchase services).

13.             To carry out the duties assigned to us by law.

14.             Data Controller aims to ensure that personal data is processed accurately, fairly, and lawfully, for the sole purpose of being collected for the purpose of processing, in accordance with the principles and requirements of clear and transparent processing of personal data established by law.

15.             We manage your personal data by providing you with services such as: accepting and executing your pre-orders, issuing invoices and / or other accounting documents for goods and / or services. Usually, the processing of such personal data is based on your consent or the obligations imposed on us by law.

16.             We may also process personal data for other purposes if we have received your (data subject's) consent or when the processing of personal data is based on other legitimate legal treatment criteria.





17.             The Data Controller uses cookies on the Website to distinguish between users of the Website. Cookies help the Data Controller to provide a more enjoyable experience for the users browsing the Website, and to improve the Website itself.

18.             Cookies are small text files that are stored in a browser or on a device (personal computer, mobile phone, or tablet).

19.             The Data controllers Website uses these cookies:





Expiration period





Evaluate user visit goals, generate website activity reports for website operators, and improve the customer experience when visiting the website.

1 year


Used to control the number of queries made on a website.

1 minute



Used for tracking purposes to differentiate website visitors.

24 hours


Used to collect information about the user's use of the website and the advertising sites visited.

30 days


Used by Google, tracks user actions on a website, location, activity, and preferred choices.

8 months


Used on third-party advertisers' websites to display customized ads.

2 years


Used by Google, tracks user actions on a website, location, activity, and preferred choices.

19 years


Used by Google, tracks user actions on a website, location, activity, and preferred choices.

2 years


Used by Google, tracks user actions on a website, location, activity, and preferred choices.

7 months



Determines the type of user's browser and the nature of the device used to display user-specific third-party ads.

2 years


Used to support a user session.

2 years


Stores information about third-party advertising sites visited by the user.

4 months


Stores information about third-party advertising sites visited by the user.

2 years

20.             We use Google Analytics - a site analysis service that allows you to capture and analyse your site's usage data. You can learn more about Google Analytics and the information that these tools collect here -

21.             If you want Google Analytics tools not to record your web browsing information, you can use the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

22.             Cookies used on the website do not permit the identification of the user of the website. Visit to the Website is registered anonymously, recognizing the personal computer, mobile phone or tablet, and IP address and all collected information is not provided to third parties except in the cases provided by law.

23.             When you open the Website and click the "Accept" button in the pop-up box, the user agrees that cookies will be stored on his computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

24.             To revoke the consent given, the person browsing may delete or block cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in his / her browser, allowing all or part of the cookies to be dropped. Be aware that using browser settings that block cookies (including necessary cookies) can cause a person to experience some problems when using all or some of the features of the Website.

25.             Personal data collected by Cookie are processed in accordance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, the Law on Electronic Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Protection of Individuals regarding the Processing of Personal Data and on the Free Movement of such Data 95/46 / EC and other personal data protection legislation.

26.             Subject to legal requirements, the Website is subject to security measures to prevent the unauthorized disclosure and illegal use of Personal Data.





27.             We will process and store your personal data for no longer than it is necessary for the purposes for which the data was collected or for the period of time specified by law.

28.             The retention of your personal data longer than specified in the Policy may only take place when:

28.1. there are reasonable suspicions of an illegal act that is the subject of the investigation;

28.2. Your data is necessary for proper resolution of the dispute or complaint;

28.3. If we have received complaints from the user, or if we have noticed violations by the user concerned;

28.4. Backup copies and other purposes related to the operation and maintenance of information systems;

28.5. Other specific grounds, conditions or cases provided for by law.





29.             The Data Controller does not transfer your personal data to any third party without your prior consent, except as described below.

30.             We may transfer your data to third parties who assist us in the operation and administration of the services that we are providing. Such third parties may include data centres, hosting and related services companies, advertising, marketing, software development and support companies, technology infrastructure service companies, communications service companies, web browsing or web analytics service providers, security service providers etc.

31.             In each case, we only provide the processor with as much data as it is necessary to execute a specific order or provide a particular service.

32.             Our processors may only process your personal data in accordance with our instructions. In addition, they must ensure the security of your data in accordance with applicable legislation and written agreement signed between us.

33.             Data may also be provided to competent authorities or law enforcement agencies, such as the police or supervisory authorities, but only on request and only when required by existing legislation or in the cases and procedures provided for by law to ensure our rights, to protect customers, employees, and resources, to bring and defend legal requirements.





34.             Data protection legislation provides you a lot of rights regarding the processing of your personal data.

35.             You have the right to access your personal data that we manage:

35.1.   You have the right to request us to verify if we are processing your personal data and to request access to your personal data if it is processed by us. To use the above right, please submit a written request to us by mail

36.             You have the right to demand the correction of inaccurate data:

36.1.   If you believe the information about you is incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to ask for it to be corrected. To use the above right, please submit a written request to us by email

37.             You have the right to disagree with the processing of your personal data:

37.1.   You have the right to disagree with the processing of your personal data when personal data is being processed based on our legitimate interests. However, despite your objection, if we have reasonable grounds for further processing, we will continue to process your data. To use the above right, please submit a written request to us by email

38.            You have the right to request the deletion of your personal data (right to be forgotten):

38.1.   In certain circumstances, you have the right to request that we delete your personal data. However, this provision does not apply if we are required by law to store your data. To use the above right, please submit a written request to us by email

39.     You have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data:

39.1.   In certain circumstances you also have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data. To use this right please submit a written request to us by email





40.             Legal relations regarding this Policy shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania

41.             The Data Controller is not liable for any damage, including damage caused by interference with the use of the Website, loss or damage to the data caused by the person or third parties acting on the person's knowledge, acts or omissions, errors, deliberate harm, misuse of the Website.

42.             The Data Controller shall also not be liable for any interference with and/or damage caused by the access and / or use of the Website by third parties not related to acts or omissions of the Data Controller, including power supply, Internet access failure, etc.

43.             The Data Controller has the right to change this Policy partially or fully.

44.             Additions or amendments to the Policy shall take effect from the date of their publication on the Website

45.             If a person continues to use the Website and/or the Services provided by the Data Controller after the addition or modification of the Policy, the person shall be deemed not to have objected to such additions and/or changes.

46.             For all data processing issues, you can contact us by email

47.             This Privacy Policy is applicable from 2021-06-04.



Last updated on: 4 June, 2021